A meet at Freestone Cross 1896
Joint Meet of Carms & Mr HSA Hounds Feb 14 1905
Young Entry 30th July 1910
Judging the Young Entry 1910
Mr Seymour Allen's Hounds crossing Redbirth Common Jan13 1911
Some of House Party at Cresselly Jan13 1911
A Barrack Street Meet 1911
GM at Barrack Street Meet 12th Dec 1911
Barrack Street Meet 1911
Judges at Puppy Show Oct24th 1911
Plucky in his bag at Cosheston 12th Dec 1911
Opening Meet c1912
Meet at Quay HEA Hunting 1st Jan 1913
Meet of Cresselly Hounds at Princess Gate Nov 7th 1913
HSA near Cilrhiw Dingles Nov7th 1913
In Kennels
Roch James, Hugh Allen Tich Evans Allan Lewis at Picton
Opening Meet 1919
Henry Seymour Allen & Hounds 1921
St Florence 1923
Boxing Day 1923
Boxing Day 1923
Milton Brewery
Boxing Day 1923
Boxing Day 1923
Boxing Day 1923
Auriol Allen with her Father
Auriol Allen with Mother & Nanny
Auriol Allen
Auriol Allen and her Father October 24th 1924
Tudor Square
HSA and HEA at Tudor Square
Diana Allen 1923
Lord Merthyr & Hon. Anne Lewis -Masters 1932
David Harrison-Allen & Hounds
John Bartlett Allen
John Hensleigh Allen
Seymour Philipps Allen
Henry Seymour Allen
Hugh Evelyn Allen